SGP 2.5 Wish List

I think your autofocus routine is brilliant, particularly since it uses multiple stars across the image frame! I’d love it even more if after the last frame of the V-curve it automatically took a photo of the calculated point of focus. I want the image that lingers to be the one that is sharply in focus, not the most out-of-focus one. You could even make it a user option (as it takes just a bit more time), but I would default it to this. Thanks for considering this suggestion! Rick

I have moved it for you, but please use the feature requests category in the future… things will just be lost in here.

+1 for me. It would be nice to know you are in focus before launching into a long exposure even if it adds a few additional seconds to the autofocus routine.

+1 for me too. Would be nice for that “confirmation” test shot before launching into an imaging run.

+1, too! And also, even if surely mentioned already somewhere, how about remembering the “V-curve” profile?

good suggestion, I do it manually before the beginning of a sequence but when autofocus occurs during the sequence there is a certain doubt until the next image appears …

Agreed. And, an option on the ‘test’ shot.

I think this is simple… because of that I will move it to the 2.4.X life cycle. If it turns out I am wrong, it will get the boot to 2.5.X.