SGP: - Autofocus with Catadiaptric and Crayford focuser question

I recently upgraded to from and I am having trouble with autofocus with my Celestron Edge11 with a moonlite crayford focuser.

Earlier, before the upgrade, I had the smart focus enabled and SGP generated V curve without any problem and handled the central obstructions without any problem.

Now, after upgrade, the AF routine with smart focus enabled, always goes completely haywire and stops with donut stars. This is with the exact same setting as before.

If I disable smart focus, It never generates a V curve. It just creates one slanting line (just left of the V curve) and never tries going on either side of the starting focus point.

Is something in AF changed significantly and I am missing some setup? ( The AF dialog looks the same before). I have stop automated AF for the time being. Any help appreciated.


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Please see here. Note the section on “AF Packs”:

Thanks. I will get the AF pack on my next run and upload it.


Here are two AFPacks I took last night before weather shut me down. This is without smart focus enabled. You can download both the packs at:

Here is another pack with smartfocus enabled that leaves it with donut holes.

I updated the link with the smartfocus pack as well.,