SGP - Plate Solve & Recovery Failure

I had a strange experience last night trying to run my remote rig. The sequence was set to start at 19:43 hours. At 19:43 it did seem to start, but it then ran into an issue Plate Solving. As you can see I got the message: “Auto center validation frame failed to solve. PlateSolve: APM file found, but could not not be opened.” I have attached the full log file to this message. As far as I can tell, SGP went into Recovery mode.

It is difficult for me to know what happened next. The log file ends. And I was unable to access the PC via TeamViewer. Thankfully, I have an IP camera that I could access and, on viewing that, it was clear that the mount was in (what I guessed) was the starting position for the sequence. It didn’t move over the course of some 5 hours. I had to remotely (using a Lunatico Dragonfly) pull the plug on the PC. I was then able to reconnect and get everything safely shut down.

It sounds like the PC stopped responding, but I assume that this must have been triggered by SGP’s failure to plate solve during the centering process. Any ideas? As I say this is with a 10 Micron mount.

I don’t know if this has been solved in the latest version, but I was a little surprised to receive no response of any kind to my thread. Have I been a naughty boy?

Unfortunately sometimes things get buried before we can get to them.

I don’t really see anything in your logs that points to anything in particular that you haven’t mentioned. It seems that SGP went into recovery mode and then … well, nothing. I would surmise that SGP was either forcibly exited or the machine blue screened and died. Not really sure what happened after recovery.