SGP Trojan notification


I installed .519 and went to being using it tonight - As soon as I started up autofocus, I got an windows defender alert about a trojan, for dirlist.exe in the SGP folder.

Not sure it is really related to SGPO but posting just in case.

After this the pictures taken with my nikon would no longer load into the preview window. IO had to roll back to the last stable release (.479)

Useful Info

OS: windows 10 latest update
Ver: .519

I don’t get the AV message & I’ve scanned the files\folders directly, have you ensured your definitions are up to date ?

That is a false positive…that exe was created by us. I’m not sure why it’s getting triggered as a virus.


I submitted the exception to the Windows Defender team…we’ll see what happens :crossed_fingers:


Thanks. I assumed it must have been an error, no worries. I was going to ignore it but the ui in windows defender is sub-optimal, when i went to go look at “more details” i think it automatically deleted that file, which then caused other things to not work