SGP not opening or working on Win11

I bought a new a new mini pc and installed the latest version of SGP and it goes to the splash screen and goes no further. I have tried compatibility within windows and no go. This is windows 11. On my win11 laptop it works and it works on my other win 10 mini pc.

Any suggestions?


Here is what the log said after once again removing sgp and ascom and reinstalling.

[09/11/22 18:57:42.234][DEBUG][Unknown][NONE] .NET Framework Version: 4.8
[09/11/22 18:57:42.265][INFO][Unknown][NONE] ASCOM Platform version:
[09/11/22 18:57:46.374][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Initializing localization resources for en-us…
[09/11/22 18:57:46.421][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Application level exception! : One or more errors occurred. (System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at ud.a.d())
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.GetResultCore(Boolean waitCompletionNotification)
at ud.a(String[] A_0)

I am not sure exactly what causes this… I will need to do some investigation. There is another report that suggests, if you uninstall version 4.2, download and install the latest version of 4.1, open SGPro 4.1, close it, then upgrade to 4.2, it might clear the issue. I have not confirmed this.

I have a mini pc with windows 11 installed and I have the version of SGP running without problems ( for now).

I have located the issue and released a fix that can be found in version or higher.

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Thanks for the responses, I did this morning install the 4.1 last version and it is running just fine and I
will be installing one of the working 4.2 versions later.

just for documentation - it was my thread here. the workaround is here.

I had read your thread but did not have an older version of SGP except for some of the 3.x.x versions. Had to wait for the other fix as in fixing the code.