SGP and ASIAir

I am using the ZWO AM5 mount and ASIAir wifi unit. I run a ethernet cable from the ASIAir wifi to a usb to ethernet cable that plugs into a USB port on my laptop. This set up runs just fine if I use the ASIAir app but I would like to try SGP and evaluate how it compares. The problem is SGP does not recognize the USB to ethernet cable as a USB device and it wont recognize and of my accessories or mount. Does anyone have a work-around for this issue?

ASIAir cannot be used with other imaging platforms. You can basically use ASIAir, or something else. If you want to use SGP you’d need to remove the ASIAir, and plug in the USB devices into a hub and connect that to a laptop or mini PC on the mount.

The ASIAir is a closed device and is only usable via ZWO’s proprietary software, not as a “hub” for other applications.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Jared, I was afraid of that