SGP and Celestron Focus Motor


I have finally installed and calibrated the subject focuser, and SGP does see it, and I can connect to it and calibrate through SGP.

What I can’t do is to command the focuser through SGP. On the focus tab of the Control Panel, I can’t get the focus motor to respond to movements in or out.

Are these functions not yet available for this focus motor?


You need to run the Celestron focuser calibration before it will work.

Hi Chris, and thanks.

When you run the calibration and press “connect” celestron software will find and connect to the right port on the computer and it then calibrates. SGP, however, is not aware of that port selection and it remains defaulted to Com1. In my case it needs to be Com6. So the right way to do, and given that calibration is not necessary every time, is to remember that you have to select the right port for SGP by clicking on the Device Settings button (the wrench) and the in the user interface that opens you should just choose the right port.