SGP and FLI focuser connection problems


I am having an issue with SGP and FLI focuser connecting problem. I connect the camera first and then I try to connect my FLI focuser to SGP and I get the error message, Error connecting to FLI ASCOM focuser. I have been having this problem for the last couple of nights. After a couple of attempts I am able to connect. I have removed and reinstalled the FLI ASCOM drive, replaced the USB cable, remove and reinstalled SPG. I am able to connect to theFLI Atlas focuser using the FLI app and control the focuser with the app. I connecting the focuser using the USB hub on the 16803 camera. I am attach the screen shot.

FLI 16803 ccd camera
FLI Atlas focuser

Thank you for all your help

Can you provide logs?


Hi Jared,

I sent an email to SGP with the logs.

Thank you

This looks like potentially an issue with the FLI Focuser ASCOM driver. I don’t see SGP doing anything wrong with how it’s connecting. I assume the FLI App is probably using the driver natively vs through ASCOM. It may be worth trying to use the ASCOM Device Hub and see if the focuser connects through there or if you see similar issues.



How do I go about using the ASCOM Device Hub to try out your suggestion?

Thank you

The ASCOM Device Hub is installed with newer versions of the ASCOM Platform. I can’t recall when it was introduced. If you have an older version you can use POTH. Both are applications installed on your machine. Just attempt to connect to the focuser with either of those and attempt to move it around.