SGP and FocusMax 4, The Sky X pro


I’m new to this forum and what’s more, I am French.

I need more precision about the GSP compatibility with the following software:

  • FocusMax 4
  • The Sky X pro
  • Maxim DL pro v5

Also, if anyone on the forum has ATIK One 6.0 camera, thank you to tell me if it is compatible.

Thank you in advance

I think you might have a misconception on what SGPro does… It is an independent image capture application and does not rely on external imaging suites (like MaximDL). SGPro uses its own internal focus methods and does not use (nor is it compatible). You can continue to use TheSkyX (via ASCOM) to control your mount via SGPro.

Indeed. The whole idea for me was to NOT use MaxIm and FocusMax. I do use TheSky X with it but only because I have a Paramount that requires it. I have been using SGP instead of MaxIm/FocusMax for over a year now and would not go back.

Thank you very much for your responses.
Focusmax I thought was the best software to achieve star focus …

And it is possible to use guiding with The Sky X ?

Plenty of SGPro users connect to TheSkyX to control their mount (via the ASCOM driver). For guiding, you will need to use PHD2, AstroArt or MetaGuide.

Amenophis - I have a Paramount and it guides beautifully with PHD2. SGP works very closely with PHD2 - ‘en concert’. In operation, you only have to open PHD2, connect to the equipment and SGP instructs PHD what to do, when to guide, dither, pause and when to calibrate.

Like Ken, I was also using Maxim and Focusmax. For me, la vie est plus tranquil et fiable depuis je change

I own and use a Paramount ME. My question is can I continue to use The Sky X Direct Guide with SGP?


We do not currently support the SkyX’s guider. We have talked with Bisque about doing it… that said, it hasn’t been a very popular request.


So I am clear (deciding whether to buy SGP), if I use TheSkyXPro to control my MX+ and connect PhD for guiding, will the mount use the DirectGuide feature or some sort of PulseGuide? Also, how does your focus results compare to FocusMax4? I assume SGP does not interface with FM4? Thank you!

cardiofuse observatory

MX users might be required to answer your first questions…

Right now it does not. SGPro uses only its own proprietary focus algorithms.

Dear Ken,

That is sound amazing.

I just wonder the hardware support.

Is SGPro can directly to connect mount (Skywatcher), Camera (Sbig, QHY, and asi), Focuser (Feathertouch), Filter wheel (Sbig and Qhy), and so on?

Do I need the ASCOM and EQMOD (3rd party software) to make the connection.

Thanks for help!

P.S. If I buy SGPro, how long is available for updating? You know MaximDL need me to pay every year. Is SGPro same issue.

Yes, almost all gear connections in SGPro are reliant upon the ASCOM platform and manufacturer written ASCOM drivers. Lots of folks use EQMOD. It’s not required though (just make sure to read the using EQMOD with SGPro part of the help file).

An SGPro purchase allows for install on up to 3 personally owned machines and is good for as long as the major version is still active (in this case version 2). Upgrades to newer major versions (never happened yet), will be discounted.

Dear Ken,

Thanks your reply.

I just pay for SGPro. Where can I find the instruction on the WEB? (I mean the video.)

Do you have any link good for me to go through?

One more thing, I use the feathertouch focuser (Focuser Boss II electronic focusing control), It is use the Lan to control the focuser. How can i make it work with SGPro?

Would you give me the advice.


Hi Joseph

A member on here, Chris Woodhouse, created some introductory SGP tutorial videos some time ago here (there may be more on the web now, I’m sure a Google search will be fruitful).

Regarding your focuser, simply connect your ethernet to your pc/network and select the Focuser BossII ascom driver in the drop down list in the sequencer, connect and off you go to test.

The manual is very thorough too and will help you set up equipment profiles, auto-focusing, plate solving and the basics for automation and sequencing.


Thanks Barry,

I will go through the link.

Thanks a lot!!!


but i have see an other your competitor that use direct guide of the sky x…
anyway, is possible to know why you can’t implement this guide sistem, thanks?

You cannot directly use TSX’s guide system if you use SGP. If, however, you link PHD2 to the TSX ASCOM driver, direct guide is available for Paramount users - but the guiding is controlled by PHD2. It works well in practice. I am always under 0.5" RMS and with Protrack enabled, often get below 0.3", using long 8-second exposures.

Agree, I have been using this for a couple years on an ME and it works great. In fact, my latest installs do not even include a guide cable.