SGP and Max Gain Values

I have just purchased an Altair 26c (Touptec) as a second rig and have been advised to set a gain of 100.

However within the equipment profile using an ASCOM driver it does not appear to allow a gain of 100, maybe I am confused but the slider seems to go up in a different scale such as 10.0x 20.0x 50.0x

What do I need to set this to to achieve a gain of 100? I believe the maximum gain for the camera is 1200.

Thanks for your help.

@Ken or @Jared Any ideas lads?

I would guess that 10.0x means a gain of 10. Can you move the slider to 100.0x ?


Nope, you can only slide to 50.0x

According to Altairs “documentation” (the appended JPG is from their website ), the range of gain setting goes from 100 to 10000. A gain setting of 100 in the Altair software corresponds to the lowest possible setting. There seems to be either a bug in the Altair ASCOM driver or a the way SGP communicates with this driver.

I would try the lowest possible setting. Important is also the choice of LCG (low conversion gain) of HCG (high conversion gain) mode. The resulting gain in electrons/ADU is given in the first graphic.


Thanks Bernd, I appreciate your thoughts, I’ll pass these comments onto the owners for their thought.

Besides I just found this CN thread with SharpCap’s Sensor Analysis for this camera:

Maybe it’s useful for you.