SGP and mount EM-400 TAKA

I want to know if someone is using SCP with a EM-400 mount, if yes, for the auto-guiding mode are you use ST4 or the PC connection with the RS232 port. many thanks for helping me with my new SGP, philippe

I am using a Takahashi EM-400. My notebook is connected to a powered USB 3.0 hub and, via a DIGITUS USB 2.0 serial adapter (utilizing a FTDI chip), to the RS232 port of the mount. As planetarium software I use Cartes du Ciel , and the ASCOM Temma Driver .


Many thanks for answering to my post, so good news, but are you use a camera for the guiding with a software dédicate (PHD2?) and do you use is ST4 connector directly connected to the mount, or the computer with DIGITUS USB 2.0 serial adapter to send the guiding corrections informations to the mount… many thanks, philippe

My set-up is:

  • the guiding camera (a Lodestar X2) is connected to the USB 2.0 hub of the imaging camera,
  • the imaging camera (an ASI2600MC, USB 3.0) is connected to the powered USB 3.0 hub,
  • the EM-400 mount (RS232, it is labeled “PC”) is connected via the DIGITUS serial adapter to the powered USB 3.0 hub,
  • the focuser controller (Seletek Armadillo, USB 2.0) is connected to the powered USB 3.0 hub,
  • a weather station (a MBox, USB 2.0) is connected to the powered USB 3.0 hub.

One USB 3.0 connection goes from the powered USB 3.0 hub to the notebook.

PHD2 is used for guiding. ASCOM drivers are needed for all devices (in my case: guiding and imaging camera, mount, focuser controller and weather station.

My Mount is a EM-400 Temma 2M. It has 5 connectors on the connector panel (see Takahashi EM-400 Temma 2M autoguiding cable - Mounts - Cloudy Nights ), from left to right:

no Label      PC             Control Box    AUTO GUIDE     Power

4-pin         4-pin          6-pin          8-pin          2-pin
Mini-DIN      Mini-DIN       Mini-DIN       Hosiden SSI    coaxial 5.5x2.1mm

I only use the “PC” (= RS232) and “Power” connectors. The “Control Box” and “AUTO GUIDE” connector are not used.


many thanks for informations, and good sky observations, philippe

Perhaps also valuable:

If you do not have the needed cable already (mount: “PC” → USB serial adapter) it might be worth soldering one, the original Takahashi cable is expansive. Instruction: Making an adapter box for a Takahashi EM-200 mount – Deep-sky Imaging , see connection diagram “The serial cable”.

The cable must be shielded, minimum 4-pole.


merci bernd, the connection to the EM-400 is made with a usb-rs232 (always com7), this work fine. The question is more with PHD2, I have choice between “in camera” or with the “temma 2 interface”. If I have understand your information, you use for this the same “temma2” interface.
I work today with the PRISM software, and it’s look completly out of the game, SGP has the place of the most performant.see you


Connect to the mount driver “Temma By Takahashi (ASCOM)” from the drop down menu in PHD2.