SGP and Pegasus

Dear all, I will get my FIRST autofocus system the coming week. It will be a Pegasus system that I just purchased. I have downloaded this document from the Pegasus site: PEGASUS AUTOFOCUS USING SEQUENCE GENERATOR PRO (SGPro). The information in the document will be enough?

Regards and thanks in advance, Fernando

Yep it works just great… Be sure to set the IN backlash settings in SGP.

I dont have any backlash set up and it works fine

@entilza, out of curiosity, what is your step size and what do have set for your IN backlash? My step size is 300 on an Edge HD 8.

Hi there, I will have the focuser delivered by the begining of March.

I am trying to learn ahead. It is a “big move” to me, given that I never had a focuser…My scope is the SW Esprit120ED.

Lets see how it works…

Are you happy with your Pegasus? Is it working fime?

Regards, Fernando

@Fernando, for me, the Pegasus is working great. Some of the issues I’m having have more to do with focusing with an OTA with a central obstruction (i.e. an SCT), but otherwise the hardware and software seem robust and easy to use.


I’ve been using the focuscube with sgp for a few months now an i’m very pleased with it’s performance and the stars I’m getting. Also recommend one of their powerboxes, as it records environmental information into your FITS file also!


Thanks guys!!!

In the pegasus ascom backlash compensation is set to 120.

As well in the SGP focus->other IN = 60.

Mine is a rack pinion and these settings worked well. I also did replace the flexible coupler with a fixed size coupler. My focuser was a bit tight and I needed the extra strength.

Hi there
I have mounted an old William Optics Crayford microfocuser on my C8 Edge HD, and attached a pagasus stepper motor, driven by a Pegasus UPB.
I spent significant time finding the proper settings that would allow autofocus regardless of the filter used, and with a nice V shaped curve.
I found backlash set IN at 100 steps, and 150 steps for focusing are working fine. The default 30 or 50 steps do not work.
Other settings left at their default values (8s pose, binning x2, 9 iterations).

One caveat, though : to start autofocusing, you must be already very close to focus, otherwise the routine chases the focus point forever.
Hence once found, lock the mirror down, and forget about using the scope focus button.