SGP and PHD2 with 2 ZWO cameras


I am using an ASI1600 for imaging and an ASI290 for guiding with SGP and PHD2. I have tried to use the native driver for imaging and guiding, native for imaging and the ASCOM driver for guiding, ASCOM for both and ASCOM for imaging and native for guiding. Unfortunately all these solutions are not working. Focusing and plate solving are working perfectly but when SGP wants to connect again to PHD2 for guiding the sequence stops. PHD2 cannot find the camera.
Could you please help?
Thanks in advance.
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OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Professionnel
.NET: 4.8

I don’t think I am understanding the issue. All SGPro knows is that it could not start the auto guider. I don’t know why it wont connect to your guide camera. Can you connect to your guide camera using the PHD2 interface?

@olivier.rethore on the PHD2 side you need to tell PHD2 which ASI camera you want it to connect to. Once you tell it, it will connect to that one every time. Please see this post in the PHD2 forum for details:

Hello Ken
Thanks for your answer.
In fact I have discovered the issue. I am using an USB extender which was ok for my previous configuration: ASI1600 + ASI120. The issue happened when I have replaced my ASI120 with my ASI290 and I was thinking that it was the connection with my camera. In fact if I use SGP without the extender everything is fine. Sorry for the headsup. I have removed my extender and now using team viewer with a remote PC on my pier and SGP is running perfectly as it was before.

Best regards and happy new year for all the SGP team.

Hello Andy
Thanks for the info (I did not know that PHD2 was keeping the camera only with the ASCOM driver). In fact my issue was linked to my USB extender.
Happy new year to you and to the PHD2 team!
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Actually it is the other way around. PHD2 is able to remember the camera selection when the native driver is used. In the ASCOM driver case, it is up to the ASCOM driver to determine which camera to connect to. (details in the PHD2 forum post referred to above).

Thanks Andy
I will move to the native driver my 2 cameras.
Best regards