SGP API Guider issue

On June 26, Jared gave me direction to use SGP API Guider Ascom in the camera line when connecting up in PHD2. No matter what I select, remote guide head, internal, or none, in SBIG camera in profile, I get a warning message in PHD2 that camera is not connected. This occurs when I select looping. When I click on the square box with the forked arrows, I get a blue dot message that says “camera 1” Is this Ascom software supposed to find my SBIG Sti somewhere in the computer or SGP software and connect it in PHD2?.My SBIG guide camera is attached to a 60mm guide scope mounted on my FS102. Another issue I’m having is my mount doesn’t seem to track when connected via Celestron Telescope Driver (Ascom) which makes guiding impossible. If I disconnect the interface(serial to USB cable/software) from my hand control and guide separately from SGP and Capture using Images Plus it guides well. This interface is required by SGP for obvious reasons so I haven’t been able to get to first base yet. I read a similar plea for help regarding SGP API Guider recently and the answers provided then were not helpful. Al Johnson