SGP Auto Focus Log Viewer (1.25) no longer opens SGP 4.2 logs

Anyone else having issues opening logs with the recent SGP 4.2 beta releases?
V4.1 logs opens fine.
The log viewer program starts up normally and when I select a log created with SGP v4.2 I see a small screen appear then quickly close. The log viewer interface remains open though.


Hi Mike,

I’m the author of that program. Please provide me with a link to the log and I’ll have a look whats going on.


Hi Mikael,

I just posted a log in the topic: ‘SGP Log Viewer when using SGP 4.2’ using SGP because I don’t have a drop-box account.

Thank You,


Looks like the HFR message changed from

“Auto focus HFR calculated at:”


“Auto focus Half Flux Radius calculated at:”

so that the logviewer didnt catch it. I’ll have to include this new possibility and issue a new version.

@Ken Could you please tell me if the similar messages for ASTAP (HFD) and PINPOINT (FWHM) have changed as well ?