SGP_AutoFocus viewer plot issue with SGP Beta

Last night I noticed the SGP_AutoFocus (Version 1.23) viewer was not plotting the curves successfully when using SGP Beta v4.0.0.643 but plots successfully using v4.0.0.639. I am able to reproduce this by changing SGP Beta versions. I suspect this may have something to do with the change in .643 that included “An issue where where auto focus may not be properly terminated during an unsafe condition.”
Attached are two graphs that show the good and bad plots. As you can see the bad plot has all the points on the bottom of the chart.
SGP_AutoFocus_bad-v643 SGP_AutoFocus_good-v639

Hi Mike,

Ok, I’ll have a look. But to fix this I would need your SGP log file, could you please provide a link to it ?


I’ve never posted logs before so here is my first attempt (I’ll use SGP to open a case the next time). Can you gain access to the two log files here: