SGP Beta 11 unresponsive but still running

I did a run with Beta 11 last night. Early on in the run I was adjusting some of the parameters in the SGP windows (e.g. scale of the PHD graph) and SGP stopped accepting input - it binged every time I tried to click within the SGP window on a Win 7 x64 laptop as if an action box was open and expecting input, but there was no action box on the screen and Alt-Tab didn’t reveal any action boxes open. Despite this, the sequence was still running so I let it continue and SGP collected my lights and moved to my second target and collected those lights - but I was unable to interact with SGP. I had to terminate by closing SGP in Task Manager. To the best of my recollection this happened at about 7:24pm - log file is at:


I think what happened is that the “Color Picker” dialog appeared behind one of the other windows and no longer allowed input. This has been an issue for a long time and we have never quite figured it out. A few things you can try if this happens again:

  1. Alt-Tab, then Alt-Tab back
  2. Hit Escape
  3. Hit Enter

Thanks Ken, I’ll try that, although I did Alt-Tab through the windows multiple times and I couldn’t find an open action window. Wasn’t sure at the time if Esc or Enter would terminate my sequence.