SGP capabilities for autoguiding Tak EM-400 mount

Hello to all.
I recently downloaded the trial version(full) of SGP. So far, I have been able to setup my equipment using the help instructions and tutorials and looks to be a very promising solution for my astro imaging. Unfortunately, I have not been able to set up outside due to weather and work. Hopefully soon !!!

Equipment that I will be using are: PC running Windows 7, The SkyX Pro, PHD2 guiding, latest ASCOM install, Tak EM-400 Temma 2 Mount, Microtouch Focusers, Lodestar X2 guide camera, QSI-583 and SX-814c cameras and TEC140 and SV-80s apo scopes.

For auto guiding, I have been using the ST-4 cable connected to my Lodestar X2 guide camera and the EM-400 mount using Maxim DL but recently switched to PHD2. I’m sure this is probably a silly question, but will SGP support this method of guiding? I would rather NOT use the ST-4 cable if possible. I’m assuming an ASCOM driver could resolve this.

Anyway, any and all comments, ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks !!


Hi Lanny,

I am using SGP, PHD2 and Cartes du Ciel ( en:start [Skychart] ) with an EM-400, motorized focuser, a ZWO CMOS camera for imaging and a Lodestar X2 as guiding cam. It works great, including plate solving with the SGP-internal PlateSolve 2.

Since you already have ASCOM set up, you’ll need to install the Temma ASCOM driver ( Starry Nights Ranch ) in order to control the mount via ASCOM.

I don’t know SkyX Pro, so I cannot help getting it started with this software, but in the help file (starting at page 10) there is an instruction how to install it correctly.


Hi Bernd,

Thank you very much for the advice… I do have the Temma ASCOM driver installed on my PC. I hope to get outside soon to try and use SGP. I’m sure to have more questions in the near future.


Ken and I both use EM-400s with a Lodestar and guide via pulse guiding through PHD2 and ASCOM (not ST-4).

It works great!


Hi Jared. That’s great news indeed. I have heard that it’s better to ditch the ST-4 cable for guiding. So in PHD2, which specific driver will I select?

Thanks so much for the help!!


I use the same set up as Jared.
It works great. Since I use SGP I never encountered problems.
Hours of smooth guiding, focussing and imaging.

Thank you so much for the info!! I’m going ahead and purchasing SGP !!! I’ve been running the trial version.

I’ve also got some friends who are very interested in SGP and its capabilities.