SGP Confused about Flip?

I’m starting a new thread on meridian flips with my mount because this situation looks quite different in the logs. Because of previous flip issues (previous thread), I set the flip to be 20 minutes past the meridian. The mount did flip when commanded by SGP but I got a meridian flip error message. Looking at the log file the flip starts at 8:14:03 with a pier side west. Then at 8:14:44 the pier flip thread reports - telescope has performed meridian flip. However, at 8:16:59 the sequence thread reports - failed to meridian flip. So there appears to be conflicting information in the log file. Can you shed any light on what happened?

Log File:

There’s a message just before the meridian flip fail message:

[10/13/2015 8:16:21 PM] [DEBUG] [Pier Flip Thread] PHD2 settle failed!

That could be why the flip has failed, it may need the PHD2 logs to find out why.