SGP Confused about Yesterday/Today

I am trying to set a sequence to run this evening. It’s 8:00am local and when I set the altitude/time constraint to the proper altitude, it returns “yesterday” instead of “today”. I have seen a couple of past threads on this issue, but none that resolve the problem. If I hit “run sequence” instead of waiting until 7:00pm this evening, it assumes the time has already passed and begins the sequence. Has there been any fix to this issue? Going to miss an evening of imaging as I will not be home after the clock resets at noon.

Because all times in SGPro are relative in nature (so that times may be used over and over again without user user update). Because of this, SGPro has it’s own interpretation of today / yesterday and an SGPro day starts at 10 (am).

Please see here: Understanding the Sequence Day

Is there no workaround? If I can’t set up a sequence in the morning before 10am I won’t be able to image using SGP.

Why don’t you access your computer remotely - after 10am?

Work from a remote site (no celullar service or wifi)

No workaround at the moment. We would need to introduce a new mode that interprets times in an absolute manner (but only sometimes). It’s certainly not out of the question, but SGPro cannot do it now.