SGP control of Scopedome dome and telescope Sync

I have a Scopedome 3M dome which has a sky map feature to sync the dome rotation with the telescope and this works well. I have to configure SGP to say I have a roll off roof rather than a dome or the 2 systems fight each other with constant dome rotation back and forth. The problem is I have to manually turn the sync with scope button on the Scopedome software before each sequence. If SGP shuts down with cloud and then restarts later in the night or I forget to turn it on then the dome is not synced at all and no useful images that night.
Would it be possible for SGP to send a command with each target commencement to turn the Scopedome sync with telescope on automatically without taking over the dome syncing?

This is not something we’d directly add into SGP. But You can probably use the scripting capabilities to handle this. Basically create a script that calls whatever functionality you need and have it invoked in the sequence settings area (like shown below).


If that doesn’t work you may need to have the script invoked on every event which would be a little onerous.

There’s also the option of only using SGP to sync/slew your dome and not using the ScopeDome application to do so.


I use the last option. SGP steers de dome well