SGP crash w/ POTH HUB

REvery time I try to connect SGP to POTH HUB (Ascom) the programm crash, this happends when I have previously connected Csrtes du Ciel also to the Poth Hub.
Is there another way to connect SGP and CDC at the same time ?

That really depends on your Telescope driver. Most accept multiple connections and thus you don’t need POTH.

I just quickly tested POTH and it’s working fine here. Maybe the settings in POTH itself are causing an issue. Maybe post the SGP log if your telescope driver doesn’t support multiple connections.


Thanks, I am not able to send you the log because I am not at home now, but the matter is that when I choose Poth hub in SGP and I push “connect” SGP suddenly close and appears a message saying more or less that a problemm has had to close SGP
The mount is an SW EQ6


One thing to check is the administrator setting for each of the calling programs. I have had issues if one but not all are set to ‘Run as Admin’

I have the same mount.
I also used the Poth Hub to control the mount, but now there is no need of it.
Eqmod acts also as a hub, so you can connect the eq6 from different softwares at the same time.
I use SGP, phd2, thesky6 and my roof driver (talon6) all of them at the same time.

Besides, all the permission are in normal mode.
No need of administrator mode.

Before migrating to SGP I used MaximDL and with that one I needed to use all in administrator mode.

I hope that helps