SGP Crash with invalid sequence directory

I was completely hooked up and ready to go and when I hit the run button SGP crashed. Restarted, etc. same thing 2 more times. I finally realized that I had an incorrect path in the directory line. I had typed in a folder name directly instead of using the browse button and forgot to create that folder.

Once I had the proper directory, SGP performed flawlessly.

A “Path doesn’t exist” popup would be great instead of a crash. (Feel free to add “you dummy” if it’s for my machine) :smile:

I’m on version



I have not seen that issue and it may be a red herring:

No red herring. Here’s a link to a screen capture of the crash as it happens.
The path as its typed in is invalid. If I replace it with a valid path it works fine.

Ultimately not a big deal though. I’ll just use the browse button to get to the right location.