SGP crash with USB plugging

In the last few versions I have noticed that SGP stops working if I plug/unplug a USB device. Obviously, this was not a device that was ‘connected’ in the sequencer window. In the last instance, I unplugged a tiny USB weatherstick and SGP crashed while paused.

It may be completely coincidental but has something changed?

Can you define “last few versions” because there are changes with how we enumerate switches and weather devices in SGP4 but not 3.2.

If 3.2, nothing has changed there.
If 4.0, yes, things have changed, especially if that weather device implements an ASCOM Switch interface.


@Jared, I think that is it. I switched to 4 about the same time. There is nothing in the log. This was an observing conditions device. Last few entries were:

[02/05/21 20:00:22.682][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Disconnecting ASCOM Env Device: ASCOM.Stickstation.Observingconditions
[02/05/21 20:01:18.256][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] PopulateDataModel: Transferring view to the data model…
[02/05/21 20:01:18.264][DEBUG][MF Update Thread][NONE] Performing serialize…