SGP Crashes and freezes so frequently it is unusable

I’ve been dealing with this problem for a month and have lost hours of imaging. SGP crashes during framing wizard, cooling, and heating. Also SGP hangs about every 5 frames on image downloading, event finished (when it is not), dithering, and on the 5 second delay I have set (to try to fix the problem and have since removed). When it hanges or freezes I cannot abort the sequence and I have to force quit the program which causes my camera to rapidly heat. It is to a point that the software unusable and I have lost so many hours of imaging. I have made sure every single driver is up to date and have replaces ALL of my cables. I am using an ASI1600 pro cooled mono camera, 290 mini guider, Atik EFW3, and Pegasus Focuscube V2 and Pegasus Astro Pocket powerbox. I have also reinstalled and resetup all of my software. I am really at a loss as each crash and hang is on different operations. I originally bought SGP to automate my process, but I cant even get the software to work… and for the short time that it does work I literally have to sit there and watch it.

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I want to upload my logs, but cant seem to attach them....


I am afraid you have the same issue what I have with the EFW3 filterwheel. In my setup it causes frequent lockups, and sometimes - when I am luckly - I can do a whole session. I suspect the reason is that the Atik driver cannot cope with the frequent filterwheel polling in SGP. As I read on the forum, SGP is polling the filterwheel in every second if I remember correctly. This is conflicting with the Atik ASCOM driver I suspect, but I don’t have an evidence for this. What I know for sure, my Atik camera never gets locked up in SGP when I use it without the filterwheel in SGP.
Maybe a smart guy will figure it out one day :slight_smile:


That is funny that you say that because I have constant problems with and have to connect and reconnect the filter wheel. If that is the case, that sucks. It’s an expensive wheel and you would expect the drivers or software to be able to cope with each other. ATIK is a major brand and SGP is one of the most used software.

Do you just not connect the EFW3?

You can create a Support Request from within the help menu in SGP or use Dropbox (or similar) to share logs.



I still use my EFW3 but is more like gambling… Mostly it is crashing/freezing somewhere at the beginning of the session. But then, when I power cycle it and reconnect it, mostly keeps working. I even logged an Atik support ticket, added my logs there two times but they had an excuse each time why they don’t investigate my logs. The secon time the reason was the corona situation,


It must be something on your particular set-ups. I have been using EFW3 constantly for at least two years now without problems.
I am sorry that does not help you at this time - but the EFW3 driver is stable as far as I can see.

One point of note though that may be relevant: If Windows ever got an update (auto or manual) , I found it better to reinstall Atik drivers again after the update (both camera & filter wheel). Perhaps your problems could be resolved by reinatalling the drivers.

Just a thought!

I have more issues with filterwheels than anything else with any imaging software. It always seems to be with USB-powered ones. In the early days, both versions of the Starlight Xpress gave me incessant issues, no matter what powered hub or cable I used (and certainly not with its own camera hub).
Both my integrated QSI and my QHY one seem to be good - the QHY has an additional power socket and it is HUNGRY. I note the EFW3 appears to be USB powered and I would bet a beer it is all about power delivery more than any driver or application software.

This might not be obvious or well known, or maybe it is, but I just don’t see people ever mentioning it when they have USB problems under win10. You MUST disable Power Management on every USB device in device manager as well as disable USB power management at the system level in another spot for USB devices to work. You can google how to do this. I see problems like this when ever I move a USB device to a different port, basically if I make any changes physically, or when windows decides to revert me back to having Power Management enabled, which happens from updates quite frequently. If it’s not power management, the only other thing that typically makes my USB devices not work consistently is a bad cable or incompatible cable. Not all cables are the same. I feel you pain and hope this helps someone…

Hello all,

The Atik EFW3 is 12 volt powered, we recently discovered a memory leak in the filter which was causing problems with the ASCOM driver over time. This has been resolved and is included in the latest Atik core software.

I hope this is helpful.

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