SGP crashes every morning at Flats

Every morning after I image overnight, my mount is parked and my ASI1600 cooler is OFF - as expected. I open up the control panel and turn on the camera, place a light panel on the OTA, then open the flats wizard and press go. It tells me it will close the current sequence file and open a new one (why it has to do this is beyond me), I click OK and it opens a new sequence file, I then reconnect the camera and re-restart the camera, let is cool, then open the flats wizzard again (why?), select 1x1 binning and it takes its test shots and tells me the shutter speed to use. I click “save”, then “close”, it auto-populates the exposure field and I type in the number of frames and press “run sequence”, and SGP proceed to crash - every morning without fail. I then close SGP (well, Windows does), restart SGP, restart the camera on the generic sequence that opened, let the camera cool for the third time in the morning, type in the exposure I memorized, and hit “run” and it works fine.

Please post logs.

Also why are you running the wizard every time you take flats? That should be done once per profile to get and set your flat exposure times. No need to run it every time you take flats.


Because my light panel isn’t consistent. I’m not sure why it matters. Are you suggesting it is expected to crash if I run it more than once?

I’ll look for the log on my AP laptop and post it.

sg_logfile_20160708060449.txt (207.1 KB)
sg_logfile_20160709060032.txt (206.4 KB)
LAST_HALF_sg_logfile_20160708204900.txt (953.7 KB)

Jared, I just posted the short logs from this morning’s and yesterday’s morning’s reboot and successful run. The only other files are the large files from the evening’s imaging. I posted the last half, or so, of the one from last night, but keep n mind that SGP completely crashed and Windows reported it had to close the program, so I don’t know if the final lines in the log reflect what happened.

Of course not, just wanted to make sure you weren’t making a bad assumption about needing to run the wizard to take flats. Seems like you’re running it for a valid reason.

Looks like you’re running There have been multiple fixes to that address crashes when taking fast frames (like flats). It would certainly be worthwhile to try

Also does SGP crash on the first frame or subsequent frames?



I didn’t see that there was a new version. I’ll update and report back if it too results in a crash when I do what I described.

The crashes occur instantly when I press “run sequence”, suggesting it is happening at the first exposure. BTW, the crashes are evidenced by a Windows pop-up saying the program is non-responsive - it’s not that SGP just stops working.