SGP Defaulting to Gain 300?

I use the ASI1600mm-c camera running with SGP. I usually shoot at Unity Gain (139). I loaded up a Dark sub in a FITS reader and it told me that the Gain was 300.
If I shoot my Darks after my subs, the Gain stays the same as subs. But if I fire up SGP alone just to shoot Darks, thats when it seems to default to Gain 300.
Of course it is my fault for not double checking the Gain, but is this a possible “bug”?

Not sure at this point. The first step is really to understand how you are intending on controlling camera gain. With SGPro, you have two options:

  • Allow the ASI driver to control gain. In order to do this, you go to the camera tab and select “Not set” for gain for all 4 binning modes. In this setup, SGPro will not touch gain and will defer all management to ASI.
  • If, alternatively, you select gain values here, SGPro will adjust gain per binning mode to whatever you have here. This could be what you are seeing.

Thanks Ken, should have mentioned that I am already doing that. I do have “Not Set” checked off. I set the Gain in the ZWO menu.

OK, well, in that case, SGPro should not touch your gain at all.