SGP does another great job for me. Elephant Trunk Nebula

My latest image using SGP. 9 hours over two nights. No meridian flips required for this one. All went as planned and I am quite happy with it. It was a 1st with new filters - and again SGP came up trumps!


Yup SGP rocks. Nice Pic!! What filterset did you buy?

Nice picture Kinch!

Did you use pixelmath to combine the images and if yes, what formula did you use?

Hi Lex…I bought Astrodon 3nm filters…50mm unmounted. A tidy sum buying 3 together :scream:

Hi Jaro, I guess on a regular basis I use a little expression that I picked up on the internet some time ago. Apologies to whoever wrote this , I cannot give credit where credit is due…I just don’t remember where I got it. This is for Magenta Star Reduction


I don’t use any pixel math to actually combine images.

Another rendition of Elephant’s Trunk…this time I did use Pixel Math in PI. Info at AstroBin site.

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