SGP does not disconnect equipment automatically

I am on SGPro, but this is applicable to all prior versions. I have my sequence configured to disconnect all equipment at the end of the imaging session without warming up the camera, so at the end of every imaging session, SGP displays a prompt asking me if I want to attempt to leave the camera cooler on after the camera is disconnected… this means that SGP does not disconnect any of the equipment after it completes the sessions, waiting for a response. Can this prompt be given a timeout value so it automatically answers yes or no after a present amount of time?


Actually… I think we will just be removing that “feature” all together. It rarely ever has any influence on what the camera does and it causes more confusion that it does any actual benefit.


Ken, do you mean that the plan may be to remove the “Disconnect” after imaging run function, or just the function to leave the camera cooler on?


Ken is referring to the dialog to attempt to leave the camera cooler on.