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I really like SGP and a few days into the trial there are a lot of reasons for using ahead of Maxim for image capture and sequencing, however there is one big problem that I seem unable to get around. About 2 out of every 3 images taken (whether in frame % focus or in the sequencer) fail to download. The system just hangs until you hit stop or pause and you then have to try again.

Is this a known bug that is going to be fixed or is it camera specific? I have found the same issue with both a Canon EOS 700D and an ASI120MC CCD.

I have read somewhere that this may be to do with the ASCOM driver but my understanding is that this should not effect the Canon?..

We need you to post your logs so we can take a look at them. Click ‘help’ and then ‘view logs’. Upload them to your favorite cloud server and post the link.

DSLRs are at the control of their respective SDK. Sometimes Ken/Jared Just need to tweak them so I’m sure it won’t be anything they can’t solve.

One thing from the help file: did you remove the memory card from the camera?

Thanks for this - no I did not remove the memory card from the camera (!) Perhaps that is the problem. I will try without the card in.
Thanks again.

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Logs would certainly be helpful. You can find them under the Help menu in SGP. Also 2.4.1 has some better handling of this so you may want to try that.

As for the memory card it’s fine to leave in for Canon cameras. For Nikons it should be removed and we will warn you about that if we detect an SD card on connect.


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