SGP failed to create it's usual log - failed and I have no idea why!

Everything started off fine in SGP last night - Got everything running and went to bed. This morning woke to find that SGP stopped on the 5th sub and that PHD was still running yet the camera seemed disconnected.

When I looked on the log, it seemed that it had stopped recording properly, so I have no idea what went wrong.

Can anyone please look at the log at at 22:12 it goes very strange. I can confirm though that everything was still working and running properly until sub number 5. So even though the log wasn’t recording properly, every thing was working as it should for at least 2 hours after this time.

Shame as it was a clear night and I’d have got a full run!!!

No ideas anyone? I’m hoping for a clear one tonight and would have liked some ideas to ensure it doesn’t happen again!

Well… you only posted 10 hours ago… on a Saturday. I think our response time is pretty good :wink:

There was an AF run that finished at 22:12. The about 20 sec later it seems there might have been a user interaction in the UI that sent SGPro into a “hang”. Do you remember if anything like that happened?

I’m sorry Ken… I didn’t mean to sound impatient!

I don’t remember anything like that happening at all. As I said, when I went to bed at 23:00 it was all going fine and the first sub was under-way. I always do a couple of focusing runs prior to setting the sequence to run and I did a couple more last night as I wanted to make sure that the scope had cooled.

There was certainly no ‘hanging’ when I went to bed and from there it still bagged 4 subs in total, then went ‘wrong’ on sub number 5 which I think would have been the plate solve. I’ve looked at the image data and it even refocused between subs 3 and 4 as the focus point changed. So everything was running…

Your log is of concern to me. Something very bad (and I suspect preventable by us) happened and I cannot track it based on log input alone. If it makes you feel any better, I have never seen it before (and I look at a lot of logs). The odds of it happening again seem fairly remote.

I need to think about this one a bit. Please let me know if it happens again (maybe we can establish a pattern of behavior) or if you can think of anything about last night that was out of the norm (even if it doesn’t seem related).

I don’t know if this is at all related Ken, but this morning while taking flats SGP appeared to crash and take the PC with it! Here’s the log

I’ve had months of faultless SGP usage and of late there just seems to be some problems creeping in, but I don’t know why. The only thing changed in my imaging train is my telescope and that won’t affect anything at all…

Thanks for the report. Unfortunately whatever happened across these 2 sessions does not appear to be related.

This particular lockup (appears that it happened at the system level) seems as though it might have been triggered when the camera began download of the image. Any changes with cables or hubs or anything of that nature?

Do you know how to check the Windows event logs (at the last time reported in the SGPro logs)?

Hi Ken, Another unsuccessful night showing the same Parsec message in the log… I’m off to the UK very shortly, so can’t upload the file until I return next week.

I don’t know how to check Windows logs, but if it’s easy enough I’ll have a look.

I’m thinking of trying to roll back to a previous SGP as I’ve only got these issues since updating.