SGP - Flat Calibration Wizard , new idea

Now-a-days more people are using CMOS camera, and the different gains and offsets used is part and puzzle of this type of camera. When using Flats, these also uses the same gain and offset to the image setup. Currently the Calibration Wizard does not cater for selecting a particular gain /offset, it uses the value you insert in the camera setup, the problem lays when you are using RGB and NB in the same sequence, you would need two set of gains and offsets.
If there was an option in the FCW to insert the gain/offset that would supersede the camera setup gain/offset, this would allow you to ensure that you have selected the correct gain, further if there where multi options to insert say the Gain for RGB & NB, the wizard will do a flat for the RGB and NB one after the other.

In the sequence table setup, when you pick the type ‘Flat’ follow by the Filter ‘Red’, there will have to be a new additional field/ column that allow you to pick the correct gain/offset.
Just an idea.

You may find AutoFlats a more appropriate tool for these needs. It does support overriding gain and offset as part of its feature set.

Hi thanks for relying, so its coming soon in beta format, would like to try it.
Thanks again

Yes, it is still undergoing “alpha” level testing, but it is moving toward a beta release.