SGP goes unresponsive when connecting to PHD2 and/or during auto focus

I’m having the hardest time getting SGP working for me and not freezing up somewhere along the way. First freeze up and crash problem was because I had mirror lock settle set at 1 but mirror lock was disabled in my T4i. It took me a while to figure out what was the problem because I thought I had mirror lock enabled in my camera since I use mirror lock in BYEOS, but apparently BYEOS doesn’t need the camera to have that setting enabled to use that feature.

SGP freezes on me in 2 different spots- After plate solving when SGP says “Resuming the auto guider” (happens 90% of the time), and also during auto focus (happens more than half of the time). When SGP freezes when trying to resume guiding, PHD2.5.0dev7 remains guiding the whole time. When SGP freezes during an auto focus run, it happens after at least 2 exposures were made and plotted on the graph.

My mount is an iOptron CEM60 and it has a hub on the DEC saddle for wire management, and I have my ASI120MC guide cam’s USB cable plugged into it along with my T4i, and I have my MoonLite focuser cable plugged into the 6P6C port on the hub. I’ve been warned that the hub could be the issue but I can use this same setup with BYEOS and PHD2. Seems like if the hub isn’t an issue with those other programs, then it wouldn’t be an issue with SGP, I don’t know.

I will attach a log but I don’t know which issue will be the culprit because I’m picking at random since every time I’ve used SGP it ended in a freezing. And because of that I can tell you to start at the bottom and work your way up until you’ve seen enough (you shouldn’t have to look far).


The logs show that your camera seems to be spontaneously disconnecting? Not sure why, but we have seen this happen during power loss, dead battery, but most commonly from the camera being connected to a USB hub.

[4/20/2016 5:24:33 AM] [DEBUG] [Canon Download Thread] Canon: Error in EdsDownload. Error: EDS_ERR_COMM_DISCONNECTED

Any reason you are not using the release version of PHD2? Not sure what’s been fixed since that version.

PHD2 v2.5.0dev7 is a snapshot build that I use because of its added backlash compensation feature which I need for my CGEM, not so much for my CEM60.

By looking at that debug log, can you tell if SGP recognizes my TEMPerHUM device? I tried it plugged into both USB hubs but all the fields under Environment Data said N/A, and under the Other tab in profile I picked TEMPerHUM from the drop down menu.

I just realized I never reported back to these issues I was having. The “Resuming the auto guider” issue was fixed just by me changing the settling options in SGP. I change the “settle at <” setting to 1 and for 5 seconds and now SGP never hangs up when Resuming the auto guider.

For the other issue it turns out that the CEM60’s DEC saddle hub was the problem. I unplugged my ASI120MC from the DEC saddle hub, that I use for a guidecam, and now SGP doesn’t go unresponsive when doing autofocus. I believe the CEM60’s hub couldn’t handle powering the ASI120MC and a TemperHUM device, while transmitting data from everything, especially when downloading an image from my DSLR. Thats why SGP would freeze when trying to download an autofocus image.