SGP guiding after meridian flip question

I have noticed some strange guiding behavior after a meridian flip, using PHD2.
After the centering process completes, the guider starts up again, finds a star and starts guiding. The tracking error is brought back down to sub-pixel level and then it suddenly goes bad again, like a dither command, before settling again and the event exposure kicking off.

I have dither enabled - does SGP do a dither after guider settling, immediately following a meridian flip? PHD normally labels the dithers - but there is no label on its tracking graph, hence the question.


I have had a number of meridian flips over the past 2 weeks and have not seen any guiding issues after the flip. Dither is turned off since I am imaging on 3 scopes so I don’t want to screw up the 2 that aren’t guiding.

We only send dither once (after capture of a light frame… never after flip or calibration). Your PHD logs can verify this.

Thanks Ken - I’ll take a look at the logs - the behaviour is consistent on the last thre meridian flips so it may be a PHD2 gremlin. I’m presently disregarding the mount, it is a Paramount MX and it is very well behaved and I have not seen any stiction.