SGP incorrectly parks EQMOD mount

I just finished a sequence where I let SGP run the end of sequence options which included parking the mount. SGP perfectly parked the mount to the “home” position. Unfortunately, this is incorrect because I need to park the scope with the RA axis horizontal and the DEC axis set so the scope is horizontal.

This is a defined park position (Park2) and, when looking at the scope control panel, shows as the position that pressing the “park” button will move the scope to. It appears that SGP changed my park position to “home” then parked the scope.

Is there any way of telling SGP that it should use the currently set park position or telling SGP which park position to use. Either would be a simple way to solve my problem. If SGP can’t do this, then I’ll need to manually park the scope or use EQMOD’s timed park facility to park the scope after the sequence should finish. I believe that just issuing a park command should park the scope to the currently defined park position.


If I’m not mistaken, SGP simply issues a park command and it’s up to the mount driver to tell it where to park.

That’s what I thought it did but after it parked the scope, the EQMOD scope display showed that it was parked to home. This was obvious from both the scope position AND the park button had changed from Park2 to HOME. If I unpark the scope, the park button auto changes back to Park2.

It looks like SGP isn’t issuing a park command but issuing a “park to home” command.


ASCOM only provides a Park command so whatever that means to the scope is what is happening.


SGP also has a “Set Park” button on the Telescope docking module. Any chance that was accidentally clicked? I am not familiar with EQMOD but perhaps the scope was in the home position and that button was clicked establishing home as the parking position – assuming EQMOD has that option.


Thanks. I believe this is what I was looking for. I apparently missed it when going through my setup for the scope. I believe that the GEM “home” position is SGP’s default park position which would account for what I’m seeing. Once SGP knows what the correct park position is, it’ll properly park the scope. I think this was working properly with my older version (2.x) of SGP sometime in the past but my memories are hazy because I rarely let SGP park the scope at the end of a session.

The SGP manual also states that pressing the “Set Park” button uses the current position of the scope as the place that will be used for future park commands. Knowing where to look helped me locate it.


It’s not a case of SGP knowing where park is. It is your mount knowing where park is. Setting the Park position is changing the mount not SGP. SGP is just telling the mount to go the park position - whatever that is.