SGP issues with connecting telescope and target status

Hi there. Please help as I’m getting so super frustrated, especially since I have no one in real life to ask. Ok…so there for a while I was unable to connect my telescope to SGP. I acquired a shiny new Celestron RS-232 adapter with driver recently…am now able to use the “Celestron Telescope Driver” option in SGP and control telescope using my laptop. But STILL when I connect everything I get this popup that I’ve attached see pic…is that normal? I just click “YES” and go about my business.

Aside from that I’m inside today tinkering with everything and was just trying to get everything singing together. Went to run off some test shots using SGP indoors…and for some reason the “elapsed time” continues to count up but my target status never changes…WHY!? What am I doing wrong? Everything is connected correctly and I would assume that even indoors if I ran off a few test shots the target status would say 1/5 frames complete or something…instead as mentioned it just stays at 0/5 and the elapsed time counts up endlessly. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

As for the dialog, it’s just telling you that your mount is parked and SGP is going to connect to it and unpark and possibly slew it…there’s not an error or anything.

As for the other issue, we’d need logs to see what’s going on. Please see here:


I really have no idea where to look for log files…it was just a general question to see if anyone else has experienced this. Thanks for letting me know that’s not an error.

I should be able to run off shots indoors shouldn’t I? I just don’t get why it’s not capturing any frames…1/5 captured, 2/5 captured etc…instead it stays at 0/5. Does it matter that I am indoors?

The link I attached has information on where to find logs and what is generally helpful when we troubleshoot issues.

Yes, you should be able to run off shots indoors. Although certain things won’t work (mostly plate solving and things that use plate solving as well as autofocus). But capturing and moving the scope around should work just fine.


My Logs

Here’s to hoping this works. Here are my logs (I hope). Hopefully someone can problem solve why my SGP is not running off any actual frames. :frowning: