SGP Listening Problem

My suggestion deals with how SGP picks the IP address it uses to listen for a connection for external telescope control…

Every once in a while I’d like to connect to SGP to see where my scope is pointed with SkySafari on my Android table. The problem I’ve encountered is because I have an Android emulator called Andy running on my main laptop. The emulator uses VMWare which creates additional IP addresses on the laptop and they always seem to be the ones that SGP pick. As a result no connection because the laptop and tablet are not on the VMWare network.

I do have a walk around…disabling the VMWare IP addresses and turning them back on later, but is there any way to add an option to the control panel/telescope window for me to pick the IP address to use for listening as done with WiFi Scope?


So rather than this I have changed it to listen on all ports. So no need to pick anything. So if you have an ethernet and wifi adapter on your laptop it should still work just fine. Also because we’re listening on all ports the “Listening on” message will no longer be displayed. It’s now up to you to know the IP/Hostname that you want to connect with.

Will be out in the next release or beta.


That was really fast


It still sees my VMWare IP address in

It is listening on all IPs now and shouldn’t even be displaying a “listening on”. What version of should are you using and can you post logs?


Here is a cropped screen shot of Help/About and the Control Panel/Telescope tab. Note the version and the Note and the “Listening on” (the VMWare IP address). The log file should be attached
Tkssg_logfile_20170625113637.txt (18.2 KB)

Ah, well the good news is that (despite what that message says) SGP actually is listening on all ports. So you should be able to connect to it via any of the publicly accessible IPs for your machine.

There were a couple of places that this message pops up and one of them was missed.


Thanks for taking the time to check on this.