SGP Log Browser says "no logs"


I wanted to report a minor issue with SGP using Help/Report a problem menu item but the Log Browser does not allow me to select the corresponding log file.

Please see the attached screenshot which includes both the Log Browser and the directory listing. The log file is sg_logfile_20200120185034.log
Why the Log Browser ignores the log?

Useful Info

OS: Windows 10 64 bit


I really wanted to respond that you should use the log browser to report this issue, but I think that only I would find that funny.

Can you please tell me the time of day you captured this screenshot?


As funny as :slight_smile:

The screenshot has been captured today January 21 2020 at about 5:15pm local time (Germany). A few minutes before I created the post.

Windows Time zone setting is “(UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, …”

The log is from the last night Jan 20/21.

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