SGP Log Viewer with new HFD log


Since I upgraded to SGP V4. The new HFD method will help a lot than the PinPoint function, and the curves runs good.

But when I uses latest Log Viewer, it gets empty result :frowning:

Please attach a log file and I’ll have a look.


Thanks Mikael.

I’ve shared a recent log on Google Drive:


@Jared, @Ken

It looks like the message with the HFD value for each focus step is missing in the log file when running AF in ASTAP mode.

In normal SGP mode it looks like:

[03/18/20 01:08:14.206][DEBUG][Main Thread][AF;] Calculating HFR with sample size: 5
[03/18/20 01:08:14.314][DEBUG][Camera Thread][AF;] Auto focus HFR calculated at: 5.32
[03/18/20 01:08:15.335][INFO][Camera Thread][AF;] Incremental Fit Result (1): quality=%; a=0; b=0; c=0;

while in @esazx log file it reads:

[11/18/20 21:46:29.629][DEBUG][Main Thread][SQ;AF;] Star list contains 123 stars…
[11/18/20 21:46:29.629][DEBUG][Main Thread][SQ;AF;] Calculating HFR with sample size: 3
[11/18/20 21:46:30.497][INFO][Camera Thread][SQ;AF;] Incremental Fit Result (2): quality=%; a=0; b=0; c=0;

I couldn’t find the HFD value logged elsewhere.

Thanks, Mikael

So it’s not recorded :frowning:

who do I need to report this issue?

The mesage above was addressed to Jared and Ken, so we just wait for them to respond.

II’ll address this. It will come out like:

Auto focus HFR calculated at: 5.32

Auto focus HFD calculated at: 5.32

Auto focus FWHM calculated at: 5.32

It will be out in the next SGP4.


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Also adding one for the validation frame:

Auto focus validation frame calculated at: 1.23


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And I’m also adding in the star count found for these if that is helpful:

Auto focus HFD calculated at: 7.21 with 176 stars


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Hi Jared,

this is great. These enhancements will facilitate to compare the AF results using SGP HFR and ASTAP HFD for AF metric.


Looks very good to me. I’ll make the changes as soon as possible and issue a new version of the AF Logviewer.


I’ve only just found your Logviewer, but what a useful piece of software. Thank you.