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Hello Ken and Jared,

I am sure you have seen the PHD2 Log Viewer written by Andy Galasso. I think a similar product would be useful with Sequence Generator Pro. You have done a great job documenting SGP’s processes in the logs so I don’t think this would be a difficult task.


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Don’t know if this helps anybody, but I’ve written a little piece of software that helps visualize my logfiles. I’ve included a sample of one of my logs as an example. I’ve tested it back to v3.0.1.0.

Page link :

Sample screenshots …
CloseUpLegend CloseUpLegend2


Wow… that’s really cool. I’ll check this out. Thx!

Software has been updated to handle different LogFile formats up to v3.1.0.425. See below.

Sometimes log entries are =
[12/19/19 20:25:18.909][DEBUG] [Camera Thread]

and sometimes =
[12/23/19 19:05:46.001][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE]
[12/28/19 17:42:50.460][DEBUG][Sequence Thread][SQ;]

What’s the [NONE] and [SQ;] referencing? My logs don’t have it.

It is not random. All versions after 421 Have this log entry. SGPro is a multithreaded application and, because many bugs, are related to conflicting threads all after the same resources. This new column represents threads that are active when a log entry is made.

public static readonly string activityNameSequence = "SQ";
public static readonly string activityNameAutoFocus = "AF";
public static readonly string activityNameCentering = "CE";
public static readonly string activityNameCenteHere = "CH";
public static readonly string activityMeridianFlip = "MF";
public static readonly string activityNameCameraCapturing = "CC";
public static readonly string activityNamePlateSolveCapture = "PC";
public static readonly string activityNamePlateSolving = "PS";
public static readonly string activityNameParking = "PK";
public static readonly string activityNameBacklashComp = "BC";

I was searching for a program like this. Now I found it, but the website is unreachable. Any clues?

Server issue with

Should be resolved later today. Or so they say.

hello, are you still an active user?
I just came across this thread, but the link doesn’t open, or take me anywhere.
Is there a version of this viewer somewhere to download?