SGP lost contact with PhD

Had something weird happen last night. I’ve been using SGPro and PhD for a long time with no problems. Last night, SGP aborted a sequence because of a lost connection to PhD. PhD was running fine, Gemini driver was running and tracking was still fine. I didn’t want to restart SGP so I just turned off autoguiding and continued (it was getting hazy anyway). I also noticed NoMachine also crashed (which crashed first, PhD or NoMachine, I have no idea at this point) which leads me to believe it was a Windows 7 problem - but everything had been running fine until that time.

Any thoughts anyone?


We’d need logs to try to gain some insight. Please see here:

Thank you,

Sorry about that! I did look through both sets of logs and all I saw was SGPro not getting a response from PhD via port 4400 and PhD showing a delayed response from pulse guiding. Really not an SGPro issue, I’m sure, just wondered if anyone else had seen this. I’m 99% certain the problem lies with the Gemini-1 internal battery. It MUST be past its prime by now but other than these issues, the darn thing still runs perfectly. Rather than bother you with the logs, I’m going to change-out the battery and report back if it doesn’t solve the problem. But like I said, most likely not an SGPro issue.


I swapped out the old battery (it was at 3.04V which should still be OK). But when I reloaded the profile back into the Gemini-1, I noticed I had asych pulse guiding checked and precision guiding unchecked, which from what I’ve seen elsewhere is backwards - apparently it worked as-is for months w/o me noticing it! We’ll see what happens next session.