SGP macOS Version

I love SGP, but I hate PC computers.
Any plan for the future in order to develop a macOS version of SGP?
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No, not at the moment. Our reliance on ASCOM is still too heavy. We may move to the Alpaca model at some point which would open doors to other OSs. That said, Windows 10 is an extremely solid operating system.

can you not get a Win 10 emulator which will run in the Mac OS ?

I have a Windows 10 laptop that I use with my telescope because I use Software Bisque Sky 5 and SGP3 and both of them are for Windows.
Before this I have had a small notebook with Windows XP for years.
But my principal computer is my IMAC, it is with me since 2010 and I love it.
Now I have Starry Night 8 in my IMAC and it can control my mount perfectly, my software to process is all based on macOS, so the only reason for me to keep on using my Windows 10 laptop is SGP.
But I hate Windows, now my computer says that I can not update to Windows 11 and it is only two years old, so I would like to buy a MacBook Pro the next time, but I am not prepared (I don’t want) to stop using SGP by now. If only it was available in macOS version… other way I am going to start to explore other options, because I don’t want to buy a Windows Laptop the next time, and I don’t want to use bootcamp to instal Windows in a partition of a macOS system. I want to be liberated from using Windows at all

I have used BootCamp in the past and it worked well - but then I got scared of damaging my laptop in the dark - now I simply use NUCs and remote control from a Mac Mini, iPad or Macbook from the comfort of home with Microsoft Remote Desktop


When it comes to moving a complex Windows application to macOS, it is a very time consuming process because the two operating system environments are so very different. If you were to pay Ken and Jared a commercial software developer’s rate to make the conversion, it could easily cost more than $100,000. Then they might sell 100 copies. That’s the ugly math.

If you started from day one to develop a cross platform app there are products that make that goal a little easier. PixInsight is one such example. While I use and am impressed with PI, it doesn’t behave like a native Windows app; nor like a natve Linux app; nor like a native Mac app. So, there are trade-offs for cross compatibility.



+1 yes - and an even bigger issue is the availability of hardware support… and which flavor of processor would you like? I use Macs all the time but when a basic app will not work with an M1 processor…

I asked a very simple question.
My question was successfully answered vey quickly in the first post.
That’s all

For sure… it’s a valid question (and one we get somewhat often). I was just trying to give a little more context than “no”.

It’s clear Ken, and thank you very much for your quick answer.
Anyway I LOVE SGP. Its focusing routine works flawlessly with my equipment. It’s a great software.
In fact right now I am taking photos of Pallas asteroid, using SGP and controlling all my equipment remotely from my room, using and IPAD.
Very happy with SGP

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I use parallels in coherence mode. It is pretty solid but can be frustrating at times. I too would like to see this as native mac. TSX does this and I can connect to all my stuff without ascom or alpaca. MESSIER33NGC598

Could this not be done in a similar fashion with sgpro?

Another thought is how to integrate it with a planetarium program for a click to go to target you want?

I can and may be someday. Right now, recreating the entirety of the UI in a different system is prohibitively time consuming and expensive for just the 2 of us.

I can fully understand that.

Steven Ruttenberg


I’m also a Mac OS user on my 2015 MacBookPro. I have had great success with a Minix mini PC that runs Windows10 Pro (costs @ $300 on Amazon) that sits out all night under my tripod and I use Microsoft Remote Desktop to remote to my MBP or iPad. Hope you find a solution that fits.