SGP not able to cool down a ZWO ASI294MC Pro

SGP not able to cool down a ZWO ASI294MC Pro. SGP not able to show the temperature of the camera. Confirmed camera could be cooled down and temperature monitored by using Sharpcap on the same night.

This did not happen last year, when I was running a previous release of SGP.


check that fan is actually running… I’ve had to replace the one in my 1600 twice !! last time with a Noctua, which is far more reliable

I checked the fan and it was running. It was running for SGP and for Sharpcap.

If SGP is switching the fan on/off ok, I’d suspect that SGP isn’t getting the temperature, reported by the camera, via the configuration/driver…

I plan to do some observations tonight, is there anything specific I should look for this evening?

Just ensure that SGPro is getting a valid temperature reading from the camera…

User error.

I am pretty sure I caused my own problem. I was struggling that night with some other problems, and I think I just click on something in SGP.

Tonight I just ran SGP without touching anything! The temperature of the camera was controlled.

My apology for my fecklessness.

No need to apologise, it happens to all of us at some point…