SGP Not restarting Guiding after flip

Sorry to drag up an old problem, I am having a problem after a flip with my iOptron CEM60EC.

It refuses to grab a star after flipping, I’ve captured some screen shots, would welcome any ones thoughts, when I had my SW AZ-EQ6-GT I had no problem after a flip: -


And here’s the settings in the iOptron Commander: -

And here’s the settings in the SGP control panel

I think I have everything set up correctly but I bet I have stupidly missed something.

Any advice please?

We’ll need the SGP logs to make sure we’re asking PHD to start guiding again.

Other than that I can’t really see an issue…unless maybe the mount isn’t liking tracking that far past and is disabling tracking? But that’s not really that far past the meridian either…


This may not be relevant. I set my CEM120 (non encoder) to Meridian Behavior/Stop at Designated Position with a 5 degree (20 minute time). Then SGPro to 1.5 degree (5 minute time) to flip.
I think you currently have both SGPro and Comander set to flip.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try tonight and see if that works.

Good catch @niteman1946! Yes, sgp needs to control the flip. So set SGP to flip at the meridian and have Commander set to stop or flip well past the meridian. This was SGP can control the flip and restart guiding.


The other thing I had changed to improve post-flip guiding success was to increase my Search region (pixels) to 40. Might be overkill, but that’s just something to consider/note.

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Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t realise I hadn’t updated.

I have SGP now set to flip at 10 minutes and the iOptron to flip at 15, its been working fine since, so thanks for your help.