SGP not seeing QHY camera

Hello, I just recently purchased a QHY 268C. I installed the QHY software and QHY ASCOM software on one of the laptops, but SGP is not see the camera. I uninstall the QHY software, QHY ASCOM software and SGP. I installed SGP and then QHY software and QHY ASCOM software and SGP still doesn’t see the camera.

I have another laptop that is running an older verion SGP ( and I installed the QHY software and the QHY ASCOM software. SGP sees the camera on this install.

Is there something I should be looking for to fix the issue on the SGP install so that it sees the QHY camera?



No, that seems right. I’m not sure why its not showing up, but can you see if the camera shows in the ASCOM chooser outside of SGPro? The ASCOM diagnostics tool has a camera connector. Does it show the camera there?

Hi Ken,

No, the camera does not show up in the ASCOM diagnostics tool.

I uninstalled the QHY ASCOM software and then uninstalled the ASCOM Platform 6.4 software, then installed the ASCOM Platform 6.6 software and then the QHY ASCOM software. Now both the ASCOM diagnostics and SGP see the QHY camera.

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