SGP opening a second iteration of Eqmod

My typical routine involves opening and starting CDC, then opening SGP and connecting all of my devices. Tonight, when I went through the steps, instead of connecting to the version of Eqmod that opened when I connected the mount to CDC, SGP attempted to open a new iteration. Of course, this second occurrence fails, as Eqmod is already running. When I attempt to reverse the order, SGP initiates the Eqmod driver, but it won’t connect to CDC. SGP has no issue sharing Eqmod with Phd2. I would appreciate any insight into resolving this issue.

What you are describing seems like a behavior of EQMOD somewhere. SGPro is wholly unaware of the existence of EQMOD and makes no specific request to open or use it. This means that EQMOD is, itself, making this decision behind the ASCOM Telescope contract. In this instance, EQMOD seems to make a decision to try and open a new instance of EQMOD when SGPro connects to the mount. Unfortunately, specific EQMOD guidance will be required for this issue (you are certainly welcome to use this forum to ask other EQMOD users) and you may have better luck on the EQMOD forum.

This mostly happens when one oft he involved programs (I would suppose it is CdC in your case) is set to run „as administrator“. Make sure that none of them have this setting.

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Thank you, Horia! I will look at this!

Lydell D. Nunn

Horia, after receiving your email, I remembered that I had, in fact, changed the SGP administration settings. I switched them back and all is well. Thanks for the heads-up!