This has been touched on before, but I’d like to stir the pot.

I believe there has been some discussion of SGP giving PHD2 access to the SBIG AO. Is that on the to-do list? Any progress?

If it would be helpful I can loan a STL1001/AO-L setup to support development/testing.

Jim Seargeant

Hi Jim,

I use an SX-AO and sgp has no need to interface with it, only PhD. Is this not the case with the sbig AO?

Let’s see if I can get this right…

The SBIG drivers for the SBIG camera and AO combination will support application access to either the imaging chip, the guide chip, or the AO one at a time and not simultaneously.

From the SGP help file - "“Because the SBIG driver architecture only allows for one application to have control of the camera, we have a created a special ASCOM driver that will allow any other guiding application that connects to an ASCOM driver to use the SBIG onboard guiding CCD while SGPro is using the main CCD.”

That takes care of the the imaging and guide chip. What is needed is an ASCOM driver that will allow a guiding application such as PHD2 to talk to and control the AO in addition to the guiding CCD while SGP is using the imaging CCD.

Jim Seargeant