SGP/PHD2 Dither

I’m having a new issue with dithering. When I’m dithering and monitor the PHD2 monitor on both that and SGP, I see that according to SGP a dither is taking place, but PHD2 does not show a dither occuring. Usually the word dither appears on the top of the graph. I sent the attached log to PHD2. THey say the dither did not happen although it shows on the top portion of the log. The issue is with the “get app state.”

Can you explain that to me/advise me of what happen to the dither.

Thanks, I hope this message makes sense.

I noticed recently in my PhD logs that, if the dither is too small and results in a move that is less than 1 pixel (from memory) then the dither is ignored by PhD. Are you certain that your dither settings in both SGP and PhD are such that your dithers will result in a move of more than one pixel?