SGP / PHD2, Do I Need To:

Using SGP to control Celestron AVX mount through PHD2 and have a couple beginner questions that I am sure are here somewhere but again a beginner.

  1. When I open SGP it calls up PHD2 in the background, do I have to active guiding in PHD2 or does SGP do that automatically?
  2. After doing polar alignment, powering up AVX and doing two-star alignment do I connect the handset to the computer and open SGP or do I need to place mount home turn off, connect handset and return power?
  3. Is there a beginner’s guide or flow chart that can be followed?
  1. SGP should open, connect and start PHD2 automatically. You do need to set up your profiles in PHD2 and let SGP know which profile to use. Also as a note, SGP doesn’t set your exposure time in PHD2, It’s will use whatever the last setting was.

  2. No. Don’t turn off the mount. After the star alignment connect the mount to the PC, connect SGP to the mount and you should be good to go.

  3. I’m sure there is something somewhere. The SGP help files are great help. Also this forum and Cloudy Nights forum have lots of information.

Have you set up your hardware and user profiles in SGP and your guiding profile(s) in PHD2?

Thanks for the help, I have spent several hours reading and found a lot of great help. I have set the profile and exposure time of witch I am sure I will have to play with to find best for the Starshoot camera and 60MM guide scope. I am putting this system together to use while RVing at home I have built a Roll off roof with a Meade LX600 on a pier. Using a Celestron 8SE tube with 6.3 reducer and a1600 pro camera for traveling. It’s been one heck of a learning carve for this 75 year old to start a new hobby but really enjoying it. Again thanks for help.

I understand. I took a few years off from imaging then got back into it a few years ago with basically all new software and most new hardware and I’m still learning new things.

keep with it and remember, help is only a few mouse clicks away.