SGP Pro Evaluation

I am very new to electronic assisted astronomy and I am evaluating SGP to see if it is compatible with my system. Im hoping someone has a similar set-up and can tell me there SGP will support ans run all my hardware.

  1. telescope is a celestron Nexstar 8SE
  2. mount is factory celestron alt/azm that came with the scope
  3. I am using an ZWO autofocuser
  4. I am using an off-asix guider
  5. main camera is a ZWO ASI224mc
  6. guild camera is a ZWO ASI120mm
  7. The mount, cameras, focuser connect to a ZWO ASIair wifi to my laptop

SGP is certainly compatible with all your gear…with the exception of the ASIAir. SGP would take the place of the ASIAir.

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OK… i was concerned a bit because the software that came with the asiair recognized the hardware by name and allowed me to choose it. SGP just has generic names. for each device.

How does SGP take the place of my ASIAir? Are we talking cabling from the mount to my laptop?

Yes. The laptop would replace the ASIAir. Some people use a small windows PC located on the mount and then remote into it from another device. This is what I use.

Since the ASIAir is a closed system it will only work with ZWO devices and a handful of mounts. SGP will basically work with any piece of hardware and from multiple and mixed vendors. For some devices SGP will have direct support and for others you’ll need to install the ASCOM driver from the mfg.

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Thats an interesting device. What do you use for a screen to setup/run SGP? How do you link this device to a laptop for viewing?


Since the mini-pc needs a power connection (it has no batteries) what type of power supply splitter to you use to power the mni-pc, mount, etc since each has a different type of power connector?

You would need some type of router. Most people that travel to a dark site will use a small portable router, set up a Wi-Fi network and connect both laptop and mini pc to the same network then use Microsoft remote desktop to connect a tablet or laptop to connect to the mini PC.

Do you do most of your EEA at home or do you travel to a darker location?

If at home, do you have a good home Wi-Fi signal at your telescope?

to set the mini PC up you can connect it to a keyboard, mouse and monitor to make it easier to set up. once it’s set up you can turn it on then remote desktop into it with a laptop or tablet to start your session.

I travel to a dark site for my imaging but use a laptop for my main imaging telescope with SGP but use a stick PC to run my tracker. I remote desktop into the tracker pc to get it going and keep track of it as well as remote into my laptop to check in on it now and then so I don’t have to put down my drink, put down my cigar or get out of my comfortable chair.

As far as powering things, It Depends on if you do it at home or in a remote location.

At home you can get an AC power strip and any appropriate AC power supplies.

If you travel and don’t have AC power available you would use a battery and buy or make the required power cables.